Single Point Lubricator

Memolub EPS | Power Lube Industrial

This reusable lubricator has all the same features and capabilities as the HPS model, but it is powered externally from a 24VDC power source.  It is ideal for intermittently used equipment and can be used for both single- and multi-point applications.

This unit has an externally powered, electromechanical pump that delivers a small, precise amount of lubricant at regular intervals.

This model uses the same unique MEMO System as the HPS model, but frequency of cartridge changeout is dependent on how often the unit is cycled.

  • 350psi operating pressure
  • 120, 240 or 480cc lubricant capacities
  • Over 50 lubricant output settings
  • Remote installation up to 30 feet
  • Replaceable grease or oil lubricant cartridges
  • Can be used with our Multi-Point System