What are Multi-Point Lubricators?

A Multi-Point Lubricator is an automatic lubrication system that delivers a metered amount of lubricant to multiple lube points from a centrally located lubricant reservoir.

Our MEMOLUB MPS (Multi-Point System) combines a MEMOLUB® HPS, EPS or PLCd series lubricator with a progressive distribution valve to form a cost-effective central lubrication system.

The MEMOLUB MPS  is available in a variety of power and control options to match your production requirements.

  • Lubricate up to 12 lube points with one MEMOLUB® MPS System
  • More economical than larger central systems
  • Improve safety by remote mounting for easy access
  • 120cc, 240cc and 480cc reservoir sizes available
  • Battery, Externally or PLC powered models available

MEMOLUB MPS systems provide a very simple, cost-effective solution to multi-point lubrication.